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Infinite Campus. Contact information, and enter important student data securely with Infinite Campus.

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Smart Systems. Go here to check your pay stub, W2, absences and update your contact information.  


Frontline. Whatever your reason, here you can reserve a sub, check your leave balances and tell your supervisor you’ll be out.

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SPED Forms. Special education software to support teachers while they complete due process paperwork and to support admin in data collection.


iObservation. Collects, manages and reports longitudinal data from classroom walkthroughs, teacher evaluations and teacher observations to promote teacher growth


Infinitec. Infinite potential through technology.


FastBridge Learning. Proven measures for formative assessment in one easy-to-use system.

White Minibuses

Type III Driver Training. If you transport students you will need to take this course annually to be certified.  

Quick Links
Staff Forms & Info

Staff Forms & Information

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