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River Bluff Education Center

Specialized Education Services

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Welcome to River Bluff Education Center

River Bluff Education Center (RBEC) opened its doors in the fall of 2015 and serves preschool through age 21. RBEC provides specialized education services to more than 150 students each year from mostly GCED member districts.

  • Specialized Learning Environment:  The 68,000-square-foot RBEC school was designed down to the last detail to serve students who struggle in their home school. Natural light is abundant, classroom spaces adaptable and the acoustics softened to provide students with a more soothing school environment.

  • Services to Meet Complex Student Needs: Services are designed to support pre-K to age 21 students who have complex needs and require specialized services.

Programs at RBEC

River Bluff Education Center (RBEC) provides specialized educational services. Enrollment is referral-based from resident districts for the following programs:

  • REACH (referral-based)

  • Upwards (referral-based)

  • STEP (referral-based)

  • Pathways (referral-based)

REACH Program

A special education program serving students whose emotions or behaviors significantly impact their ability to make progress in a less restrictive setting. Students in the REACH program typically have average to above average cognitive ability. Students served are age 4 to grade 12.

Upwards Program

A special education program serving students on the Autism Spectrum and students that have developmental cognitive disabilities. Students in this program are in grades K - 12. Students can have significant medical circumstances and will utilize the sensory room.

STEP Program

STEP is a secondary transition program for students 18-21 years old who have successfully completed the requirements necessary for a high school diploma however, are still making progress towards goals and objectives in the transition areas. A community-based program emphasizing employment and independent living skills, STEP works in collaboration with students, families, and community agencies.

Pathways Program

Pathways provides at-risk students with a non-traditional option for academic and social development through innovative and unique programming. 

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