English Learners

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English Learner Program Vision: To support student growth, provide advocacy for students and families, and to provide effective support to students, families, and staff.

English Learner Program Mission: To promote student success, be a link between school and home, and to support increased language proficiency to the point where English Learner services are no longer needed.


Contact Information

Teaching Staff

Anna Hermann*

Goodhue (K-12)

651-923-4447 ext. 169


Bethany Jasin^

Red Wing (7-12)



Casey O’Donnell*

Cannon Falls (K-12)

Zumbrota-Mazeppa (K-12)

507-732-1420 (Zumbrota-Mazeppa)

507-263-4226 (Cannon Falls)



Diane Jacobson*

Red Wing (K-6)

Goodhue (TBD)



Kelly Hassemer^

Red Wing (K-6)

651-385-4570 or 651-385-4700


Kim Bobb^

Lake City (K-12)



Paul Putt*

Kenyon-Wanamingo (K-12)



Tower View Alternative HS (9-12)

River Bluff Education Center (K-12)

651-385-4530 or 651-385-4600

Culture Liaison
Jeimmy Yusty-Rojas*

Red Wing District Office



Hispanic Liaison
Viviana Hernandez^

Goodhue Schools


Paraprofessional Support

Dalila Loyo^

Lake City (Lincoln High School)


Frida Morales^

Lake City (Bluff View Elementary)


Administrative Contacts

Cherie Johnson

EL Program Administrator



Brian Cashman

EL Program Coordinator




^ = Staff member is employed by their local school district


* = Staff member is employed by the Goodhue County Education District

**Teaching staff serve nonpublic schools when/where applicable**


English Learner Program Information

What are the difference services I can receive for Curly Hair?

  • When making an appointment your options are:
  • Curly Cut
  • Curly Wash and Style
  • Curly Express
  • Cut Curl Lesson
  • Protective Styling
  • *Customized Highlighting Service
  • *Root Touch up Service
*Alll Color Services are reserved for exisiting clients of Samantha Hernandez at CRWN'd Salon. To schedule a color service I recommend filling out the Color Consultation form prior to making an appointment.

What are the differences in services?

  • Curly Cuts are designed for those with waves, curls, kinks and coils. This cut is inspired by all the training and continuing education I've invested in. Each client will receive a cut curated to their texture, lifestyle and goals.
  • Curly Wash and Style as the name implies is a cleansing and styling of your curly hair using curly hair approved products to achieve a desired look. During this appointment you are still required to come to the salon with hair that is detangled or will be charged a detangling fee starting at $15. This appointment is scheduled for a specific amount of time to allow for drying, there will be no time for a lesson during this service.
  • Curly Express Cut is a Curly Cut service only offered to PAST CLIENTS WITHIN 4 MONTHS of their last appointment. This service is a MAINTENANCE service to maintain your shape established during your last full service Curly Cut. This service does NOT include a wash and is scheduled for 20-30mins making it convenient to fit into a busy schedule.
  • Curly Lesson is a wonderful service for those new to wearing their natural curls or feel as through they need expert assistance. During this service you will receive a detailed explanation on how to properly wash and style your curls. For this appointment it is recommended to write down all questions and concerns you have so they can be addressed in the salon. It is extremely important that you come to the salon with your hair FULLY DETANGLED, that means NO KNOTS or MATTING. Coming to the salon with tangled hair will result in a minimum charge of $15 for detangling and also take away for the appointment since I will has less time to answer questions it will also possibly result in you having to leave the salon with hair that is not 100% dry.
  • Protective Styling is perfect for those transitioning, during this service you can choose from either Bantu Knots, Two Strand Twist, Three Strand Twist, Flat Twist, *Perm Rod Set, *Flexi Rod Set and the use of CurlFormers. For this service you will get a wash and the desired protective style, keep in mind that protective styles last longer when allowed to "set" in the hair for at least 24 hrs. This means it is highly recommended to leave the salon and take the hair down the following day after waking up or whenever you need to go to work or school etc. After the application of the protective style you will be able to sit under the dryer if you choose to for a maximum of 20 mins. If leaving the salon with a protective style is out of the question and you want it dry and taken down before you leave the salon THIS NEEDS TO BE KNOWN BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT that way enough time it giving to accomplish this, also be prepared to sit under a dry for AT LEAST 2 hours.
  • Customized Highlight Service this service is also is inspired by all the training and continuing education I've invested in. I choose to not promote one technique over another because each client has different goals. The techniques that will be used to highlight your curly hair will be as natural or unnatural as you wish (depending on the integrity of your hair prior to the start of the service) there will be no line of demarcation as the hair grows and can be extremely low maintenance, with some clients only getting a highlight 1-2 times a year! This will also depend on the person and their esthetic and goals.
  • Root Touch Up Service this service is for those wanting to cover any "grey" they have growing in or maintain a color different from their natural and example would be someone with brown hair that has colored it red and want to cover the new hair that has grown since getting the color. This service is typically performed every 4-8 wks depending on hair growth rate and client. During this service if you have more than 1/2 in of new growth, or grey/ natural hair color needing to be covered, there will be additional bowl charges for each bowl that is needed during the service.

How does my hair need to be for my appointment? Can there be product in my hair?

Your hair needs to be cleansed and detangled, this means your hair is free of all knotting, matting and tangles. Failure to show to your appointment with detangled hair will result in a detangling fee starting at $75 and take away from your appointment. If I need to spend an excessive amount of time detangling at the bowl, I thus have less time to educate you on techniques, products or answer questions. It also may result in you leaving the salon with very wet hair. Since at the salon there are limited chairs and dryers, when your scheduled appointment end time has come I MUST take my next client, as it is unfair to make the client after you wait and also take away from their experience. So please be very considerate when arriving to your appointment, even if its for a Curly Wash and Style. The only times I would deem it okay to show up to the appointment with no product are times you will be receiving a service that requires a wash beforehand, like a Curly Wash and Style or Protective Styling. Other than these times, it is asked that you come to the salon WITH PRODUCT in the hair, curls look completely different with and without product. When preforming a cutting service that is customized to your curls, actually seeing them is apart of the technique. Think about the times you have tried your best hand at a styling your hair and some curls are looser than others etc, these are things that I want to see before the cut. Also, this gives us the chance to see areas that you might be struggling with when styling your hair.

What is a Wash and Go? What if I don't know how to do one in preparation for my service?

A Wash and Go is a style created on your hair in its most natural state, meaning there is no twisting or braiding involved. This style can be achieve in a variety of ways depending on what method works for you. Figuring out the best method and products to use are only part of the battle, actually liking your natural curl pattern is the other part. It is important to understand that no two wash and gos are going to look alike and everyone's hair is different. If you don't think you can accomplish a wash and go to your liking in preparation for your service I still ask that you try you best! Your service is not a traditional one, not only will you receive a customized curly cut but also education to ensure your success upon leaving the salon. It takes time and patience to reach goals, my advise would be to not compare your curls with anyone else as this will only discourage you and even allow you to second guess your decision to embrace your natural beauty.

Should I get a Curly Cut? How do I know if this is right for me?

If you have any movement in the hair strand, weather is be extremely loose curl or extremely tight zig-zag low definition curl. A Curly Cut is for you. You will notice the different immediately in how your hair sits on your body and moves as you go throughout your life. It will less bulky around the most common areas like the neck and jaw line, that creates the horrid "Triangle Shape". Only with a Curly Cut you will be able to achieve the shapes that you see often on T.V and social media that you have been longing for. Weather you are looking for big round hair, "heart- shaped" or just a classic shape that simply gives you balanced , body and bounce from top to bottom. If you are someone that is uncertain on committing to wearing your hair curly full time or at least more than 80% of the time, I would caution against getting a curly cut. Yes, I am able to cut in a way that transfers over seamlessly to straight but the purpose of embracing your curls is to also have healthier hair. Someone that is constantly straighten their hair will never see the FULL potential of their curls. Heat styling drys out the already naturally dehydrated curl causing damage and weak hair strands that easily break off.

I didn't have cash during my appointment to tip, are there other options?

In the hair industry, I personally think the best form of "tipping" is leaving a positive review and telling fellow curl friends. You may leave reviews on the CRWN'd Salon facebook page, yelp, Google (by searching CRWN'd Salon and clicking write a review) or in anyway you think would be helpful. If you would like to also send a monetary tip it can be via Venmo: by clicking HERE Samantha_Hernandez_ or search by email, mrs.hernandezsamantha@gmail.com Cash App: SpudHernandez PayPal: by clicking HERE or searching Samantha Hernandez, smittenbysamantha or by email address mrs.hernandezsamantha@gmail.com Thank you

How do I arrive for my appointment?

No matter what service you are scheduled to recieve, it is vital to the success of the service that you arrive to the salon with hair that is prepped in ready to be transformed. The Curly Cut is done on dry hair, to ensure there is enough time to provide your service and any educational training your hair must: - NOT be or have been in a braid, ponytail or any style that distorts the curl pattern - have been washed in the past 7 days - be FULLY dry, hair that is damp or wet and will need to be dried in the salon, thus adding to the scheduled time and taking away from our time together. This is extremely important if you are scheduled for an Express Curly Cut as this service does not include a wash. -detangled, this means there are no knot s or matted up hair. Knotted up hair will require an additional detangling fee of $75+ -styled, your curly hair does not look or feel the same without any products in it. Imagine you are styling your curly hair for work or a party. This is the expectation upon your arrival, doing so will allow me to see and feel your hair as you would style it in the hopes of it looking presentable. I will be able to see areas that you might be struggling in, you will also be able to show me things you like or dislike about your styling outcome. Basically, please arrive with your curly hair in a dry, styled (with product), Wash and Go that is no more than 7 days old. Please refer to the attached images for a guide.

Can I bring my 2-3 year old for a curly cut?

I would absolutely love to help guide your young person with their hair. I believe its so important for all children to love their hair and understand how to manage it as soon as they are capable. Typically I do not preform a full service (cut, wash, style and dry) on children this young simply because it sometimes can be a lot to ask the child to sit for such a long time in one area. As well as some children at this age do not enjoy having their hair washed or being touched by a stranger making it impossible for me to render the service. I do however have some clients at this age range that do just fine. If you believe they will be okay I do not mind giving it a try. Depending on how the child feels about sitting under a hair dryer we can always stop the service there and allow them to air dry at home, which is probably what they will be doing at home after you wash anyway. We want to make this as an enjoyable experience for the child as possible. This way they hopfully get excited (or atleast not dread it) about having their hair done, which will make it a lot easier on the caregiver.

Información del programa para estudiantes de inglés


La misión del Programa de Estudiantes de Ingles es: 1) apoyar a los estudiantes en sus competencias estudiantiles hasta el punto donde los servicios del programa de inglés no sean necesarios; 2) actuar como un enlace entre la escuela, los estudiantes y los padres; y 3) promover el éxito académico en general.


El instructor EL se centra en la enseñanza explicita de escuchar, hablar, leer, y escribir, a través de contenidos. Nuestro modelo es una combinación de servicios de atención individual y grupal con enfoque al desarrollo del lenguaje y habilidades académicas. La cantidad total de instrucción EL varía de acuerdo a las necesidades de los estudiantes. Las instrucciones para EL están formadas por teorías de adquisición del lenguaje, la pedagogía actual, y los materiales actuales. El Estado de Minnesota desarrolla estándares para el desarrollo del idioma inglés, los puntajes de ACCESS de cada estudiantes, junto con la evaluación formativa y acumulativa para guiar profesor EL y proporciona una guía para profesores de otras áreas. Los profesores EL se enfocan en la alfabetización y el vocabulario especializado y lenguaje académico. Los asistentes de docentes apoyan las instrucciones de los maestros generales y maestros EL de acuerdo a las necesidades de los estudiantes.

Todos los estudiantes EL, incluyendo los que reciben servicios de educación especial, puede recibir Instrucción para el Desarrollo del Idioma Inglés de un maestro EL con licencia. EL pueden recibir otros servicios de apoyo tales como el Título I. El servicio que un estudiante EL recibe de un profesor EL dependerá de los siguientes criterios: nivel de competencia del estudiante, educación anterior, cantidad de tiempo en los Estados Unidos, y nivel actual de rendimiento académico. El personal EL colaborará con el personal de otros servicios de apoyo del distrito tales como Educación Especial, Título I, servicios de intervención, y superdotados y talentosos. Cuando sea apropiado, estos servicios serán combinados, programa de educación general y servicios de EL. Por ejemplo, un estudiante puede recibir el servicio EL y el servicio Titulo I. Se toman en consideración las necesidades individuales de cada estudiante, el plan general de educación, el currículo y los estándares.

Traducción y Interpretación

La Escuela del Distrito de Red Wing, en colaboración con el Distrito Escolar del Condado Goodhue, ofrece a su personal la posibilidad de usar servicios en línea. Lenguaje-en-línea provee interpretación en múltiples idiomas; cualquier miembro de la escuela puede acceder. Las familias y los miembros de la comunidad pueden solicitar que la escuela utilice Lenguaje-en-Línea para garantizar la comunicación efectiva.

Para solicitudes específicas de traducción, por favor póngase en contacto con el maestro EL de la escuela para más información y opciones.

Notificación a los Padres

El Distrito escolar de Red Wing reconoce que los padres son una parte integral del programa educativo de los estudiantes. Hay muchas maneras de comunicación con padres y así mismo se pueden involucrar en nuestras escuelas y programas. Las escuelas se comunican con los padres regularmente a través de boletines, página web, noche de plan de estudios, y reuniones de PTA. Los maestros llevan a cabo conferencias de padres y maestros formales semestralmente además de comunicarse por teléfono y correo electrónico, según sea necesario.

Reunión de Padres

La reunión para los padres de los estudiantes EL se llevan a cabo al menos una vez al año. En estas reuniones los padres son informados acerca del programa, y son invitados a dar su opinión. Además los maestros brindan estrategias para trabajar con sus hijos en casa para apoyar los logros académicos.

Criterios de Entrada

Como parte del proceso de registro, todas las familias que inscriban a sus hijos en el Distrito Escolar de Red Wing deben completar un cuestionario sobre el idioma que se habla en casa. Este cuestionario identifica a los estudiantes que deben ser evaluados para determinar si califican para el programa EL.
Una vez que la evaluación al estudiante se ha terminado, un profesor EL administra evaluaciones apropiadas para el desarrollo y así determinar la calificación. Es posible que las medidas de evaluación incluyan una entrevista oral, escritura, prueba de proyección de lenguaje, W-APT, y resultados de exámenes anteriores.

Criterio de Salida

Los estudiantes salen del programa EL cuándo se considere que han alcanzado un nivel del dominio del idioma inglés que les permita tener éxito sin el apoyo extra. Los siguientes son los criterios de salida: 1. El estudiante recibió un puntaje acumulado de 5.0 o más en el examen de aptitud de acceso con al menos un mínimo de 4.0 en cada subgrupo (escuchar, hablar, leer, escribir). 2. Los resultados del estudiante en la prueba STAR lectura y matemática muestran que están en el grado que le corresponde. 3. Los grados recibidos en clases están en un promedio de C o superior (en la secundaria) 4. Ejemplos escritos donde se evidencie que estudiante presenta un estilo y un contenido apropiado comparado con los compañeros del mismo nivel. 5. El comportamiento social y la confianza son apropiados. 6. Los Padres han informado que el estudiante saldrá del programa ESL.