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Mental Health Resources & Partners

Logo of the Mental Health Coalition of Goodhue County

Goodhue County Guides

One of the very first needs identified by The Mental Health Coalition of Goodhue County was a comprehensive mental health resource guide.  These guides aim to increase mental health literacy and knowledge about how to access services.  There are three guides: one for the community, one for school staff, and another for parents and caregivers.

Additional Mental Health and Community Resources


  If you have any questions please email Maggie Cichosz (


Shelly Angell
Molly Dodge-Brage
​Lauren Grammond
AJ King
Matt Rodgers

Behavior Team Support*


Kate Bowee, Occupational Therapist

Lynne Petersen, Autism Consultant

Sara McAdams, Certified Behavioral Analyst

Tess Coulson, School Psychologist

*Students are referred to the Behavior Team by district special education leaders.

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