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Accept. Identify. Move. A Behavior Analytic Curriculum for Social-Emotional Development in Children

"Childhood is a time for carefree abandon, for fun, and for innocence to dominate every waking moment. when we were gowing up our elders proclaimed to us about how these early years were supposedly the best years of our lives. Looking back, with the added baggage of adulthood, most days it seems that our caregivers were correct. How then did today's culture get to the point of needing therapeutic interventions for children?" (Dixon & Paliliunas, 2018)

The above quote opens the curriculum/program book Accept. Identify. Move. AIM is a program that integrates mindfulness, acceptance, and commitment therapy to promote and support students' social emotional and academic growth. The 2 day training (August 16 and 18) includes lecture, practice of activities, time for classroom design, data collection and progress monitoring.

Put your team together and join us!

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