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Introducing 5RiversOnline

Every student learns differently, and for some, virtual classrooms have come with positive benefits and outcomes. For those students and families in our member districts, we are excited to introduce you to 5RiversOnline, a state approved virtual school.

5RiversOnline is a new K-12 virtual school option that meets the cognitive/social/emotional needs of enrollees from our member districts: Cannon Falls, Goodhue, Kenyon-Wanamingo, Lake City, Red Wing, and Zumbrota-Mazeppa.

Our mission is to provide an academically and socially rich online school experience, in which to develop independent, deep learners that are supported and encouraged to become the best possible version of themselves. In order to do so, our vision is:

  • To engage, inspire and empower each learner to tap into their full potential through their megacognition, being aware of their own learning and responding to their own learning wants and needs.

  • Involve the learners with goal setting and monitoring their own progress in order to ensure an options-rich future.

  • Provide challenging, flexible curriculum with the support and encouragement of responsive staff members.

Our K - 6 students have daily interaction with their teacher as well as peer to peer interaction in order to build a strong learning community. Also to build the connection, our 7 - 12 students are assigned an adviisor that they meet with weekly. They are also assigned an advisory cohort in 2 year bands: 7-8, 9-10, 11-12; they meet virtually as a group twice a month.

We are equally excited to introduce you to our new principal, Kim Cory. As Cherie stated in her introductory email, "Kim needs almost no introduction. Her enthusiasm for students and learning is infectious. Kim has been the leader at Jefferson Elementary in Red Wing this past year. She has stepped in to provide guidance around continuous improvement and effective practices, even while navigating the pandemic, opening a building and bringing together a staff that hadn't worked together before. Kim is a passionate leader who we believe will be a great asset to our collaborative and to 5RiversOnline." Welcome Kim!

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