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Remote Learning Resources

The State Department of Education has issued planning documents for school districts related to learning this fall; see below.

Schools are expected to plan for three options--school in session, distance learning, and a hybrid that could include up to 50% of students at a given time being in the buildings while the remaining students are distance learning. All Minnesota schools are expected to be ready to switch between these three options at any time during the school year depending on local and state conditions.  

In addition to this, the district will also "offer distance learning to enrolled students who may be medically vulnerable or otherwise unwilling to return to in-person or hybrid learning."

Because of our work over this spring, we are confident in our preparation so far for the fall.  We will continue to develop and refine our plans, communicate with parents, discuss at board meetings, and monitor additional guidance from the State that will be issued no later than the week of July 27th.

We appreciate the feedback that you have given to us and want to make certain that you have opportunities to provide more input. Could you help us with your feedback in one or both of the following ways?

1. Click here to Complete an Online Survey for Parents, Students, and Staff Members
2. Register here for a Parent Listening Session

This feedback helps us as we make plans for this fall and how to best support our students. We know this has been a difficult time for many of our families. Together, we can determine how to best serve all individuals. 

Cherie Johnson, Executive Director




Parents - first things first. 


  1. Create a Distraction Free Workplace

  2. Giving Effective Instruction 

  3. Establish Structured Schedules

  4. Increasing Motivation 

  5. Understanding Junk Behavior


Responding to COVID-19​


Transition Resources from PACER
Starting in 9th grade, or sooner if appropriate, Minnesota students on an Individualized Education Program (IEP) are included in IEP discussions when transition planning is discussed. With funding in part from the Minnesota Department of Education, PACER continues to provide information and support related to the topic of transition to parents and transition-age youth, including: 

Resources for Students and Young Adults

  • PACER’s website for transition-age youth, Transitioning to Life after High School, provides information and videos on the following topics: Training/College Opportunities, Employment Stories, Independent Living, Assistive Technology, Advocating for Myself, Get Involved, Get Connected and My Disability Rights.

  • PACER’s Students and Young Adults webpage ( includes other topics for youth, including Youth Workshops – Tech for Teens, Summer Recreation, Sports and Camps, and Publications and Downloads.


Resources for Parents and Guardians 


PACER’s free transition workshops for parents and youth.

See PACESETTER newsletter or visit

Information and support for parents and transition-age youth can be provided by emailing or by phone at 952-838-9000 or 800-537-2237. 

​ASD/DCD Specific Resources​

Assistive Technology Specific Resources​

​Education Resources for Students/Parents/Educators

Social Emotional Learning Resources

 Story Time Options! 
 Students, read to your family members. Parents, read to your kids.

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