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Image of the assessment framework

Assessment Framework

A timely, valid, and reliable assessment framework is a critical element of MTSS (Torgesen, 2006). An assessment framework is used to collect information to make educational decisions (Burns & Gibbons, 2008).


Within an assessment framework, there are four main objectives: 

  • identify students at risk for not meeting grade-level standards and need additional educational supports to meet grade-level standards,

  • monitor student progress to determine if students are progressing toward grade-level standards or have fallen behind,

  • collect information to plan instruction, and

  • assess effectiveness of supports at each tier (Torgesen, 2006, p. 1).


Torgesen and Miller(2009) distinguish assessments, using common terms, as either being for learning (formative assessment) or of learning (summative assessment) (p. 5); an assessment framework includes both.


There are four sub-types of assessments:

  • Benchmark

  • Diagnostic

  • Progress monitoring, and

  • Outcome.


These assessment subtypes correspond to the main objectives of the assessment framework. The term benchmark was selected instead of "screening" to be inclusive of additional purposes (Barnes & Harlacher, 2008; Burns & Gibbons, 2008; Torgesen, 2006).

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